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Career Guidance and Placement Cell

‘Futura’ – CAREER GUIDANCE AND PLACEMENT CELL – SNMC has an imperative role to play in a student’s future and is an essential pillar of the Institute. This cell continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain favourite employment. This is accomplished through building a strong partnership amongst students, alumni, faculty-members and industries.


• Support students to develop and implement effective job search strategies.
• Work with faculty members, department heads and administration to integrate career planning with academic curriculum.
• Empower students with life-long, career decision-making skills.
• Act as an interface among students, alumni and the employment civic.
• Generate awareness in the students regarding future career options.

Cell Members:

  1. Sreejamol P R (Convenor)
  2. Smt. Sreeja P R
  3. Dr. Bindu T R
  4. Archana K S
  5. Sri. Vipin K D
  6. Dr. Gayathri T H
  7. Sri. Namith Navakrishnan
  8. Smt. Vismaya K B
  9. Dr. Thushara V S
  10. Smt. Komal K R (SF)
  11. Anuraj K U (Librarian)

Activity Reports