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Vision, Mission and Core Values


“Liberation Through Education and Empowerment Through Organization”

Vision of SNM College Maliankara is in unison with the vision of the Great Sree Narayana Guru, to liberate the weak and the oppressed of the society through education and to teach them to stand together and work together to attain excellence in their own and their fellow men’s live.


  • To provide value and need based education to all
  • To infuse the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in young minds
  • To institutionalize Guru’s philosophy: One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man
  • To accomplish excellence in higher education and progressively respond to changing social realities
  • To bring about an overall development of the students, especially those who hail from backward sections
  • To contribute to the moral and ethical enrichment of the society

Core Values

  1. Trusteeship – Acting as a custodian or trustee while discharging responsibilities, exerting power and authority, utilizing resources for the welfare of stakeholders.
  2. Integrity – Practicing duties in a truthful and justifiable manner, displayed through righteous conduct in all accomplishments.
  3. Excellence – Continuously delivering outstanding quality in all areas of performances by fostering intellectual growth.
  4. Equality – Involving all cross-sections of society by providing equal opportunity to all in pursuit of higher education, job and other activities.
  5. Respect – Being respectful to the organization, job, its functionaries and beneficiaries and while dealing with other people.
  6. Civic Awareness – We value social awareness that promote the understanding and betterment of society and the world by engaging our students, staff and surrounding community in meaningful discussions and activities.
  7. Participatory Decision Making – We value decentralization of powers that allow each of us to contribute ideas, bring forth concerns, and explore options in developing consensus. We value and trust our management, as we participate in the decision making.
  8. Sustainability – Having concern for nature, environment and resource utilization for long lasting, safe and better future.
  9. Innovation – Having an unending quest for discovering new ideas in all areas of performance, enriched by diversity in thoughts, actions and leadership.