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Certificate Courses

The curriculum at SNM College includes a number of Certificate/Add-on courses that are intended to give students, the skills they need to succeed in life as well as to boost their employability. There are 16 certificate courses including MOOC course are offering at the institute.
• To provide students a comprehension of what industry expects.
• To increase students’ employment skills.
• To close the skills gap and prepare students for the workplace.
• To give students a chance to hone their cross-disciplinary abilities.
• To shape future workers out of students rather than job seekers.

List of Certificate / Add-On / MOOC Courses:

Name of the CourseSyllabus
Certificate Course on Sree Narayana Guru- Life and VisionSyllabus
Certificate Course in YogaSyllabus
Communication Skills in EnglishSyllabus
Value EducationSyllabus
First Aid and Emergency CareSyllabus
Statistical tools for Research MethodologySyllabus
Solar- LED Product MakingSyllabus
Scientific Typesetting using LATEXSyllabus
Fundamentals of Capital Market and Techniques of TradingSyllabus
Health Impact of ChemicalsSyllabus
Nattyakala Sidhandavum PrayogavumSyllabus
Artificial Propagation of Garden and Fruit plantsSyllabus
Certificate Course on Advanced MS OfficeSyllabus
Certificate Course on Basics of MS OfficeSyllabus
MOOC Course-Organic FarmingSyllabus