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Certificate Courses

The curriculum at SNM College includes a number of Certificate/Add-on courses that are intended to give students, the skills they need to succeed in life as well as to boost their employability. There are 40 certificate courses including MOOC course are offering at the institute.
• To provide students a comprehension of what industry expects.
• To increase students’ employment skills.
• To close the skills gap and prepare students for the workplace.
• To give students a chance to hone their cross-disciplinary abilities.
• To shape future workers out of students rather than job seekers.

List of Certificate / Add-On / MOOC Courses

Course Code Name of the CourseSyllabus
SNMC01Teachings of Sree Narayana Guru ( ശ്രീ നാരായണ ഗുരുവിൻ്റെ വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ വീക്ഷണങ്ങൾ )View
SNMC02Guru Darshanathinte Samakalika PrasakthiView
SNMC03MS Word and PowerPointView
SNMCC01Certificate Course on Sree Narayana Guru- Life and VisionView
SNMCC02Certificate Course in YogaView
SNMCC03Communication Skills in EnglishView
SNMCC04Value EducationView
SNMCC05First Aid and Emergency CareView
SNMCC07Statistical tools for Research MethodologyView
SNMCC08Solar- LED Product MakingView
SNMCC09Scientific Typesetting using LATEXView
SNMCC10Fundamentals of Capital Market and Techniques of TradingView
SNMCC11Health Impact of ChemicalsView
SNMCC12Nattyakala Sidhandavum PrayogavumView
SNMCC13Artificial Propagation of Garden and Fruit plantsView
SNMCC14Certificate Course on Advanced MS OfficeView
SNMCC15Certificate Course on Basics of MS OfficeView
SNMCC16Fundamentals of Organic FarmingView
SNMCC17Energy Management and Energy AuditingView
SNMCC18Certificate Course on Spoken EnglishView
SNMCC19Certificate Course in Presentation SkillView
SNMCC20Human Rights Essentials: Principles and PracticeView
SNMCC21Fundamentals of Gender EconomicsView
SNMCC22Certificate Program in Personal Finance and SavingsView
SNMCC23Certificate Program in Business Skill DevelopmentView
SNMCC24Certificate Course on Industrial ChemistryView
SNMCC25Certificate course on Health and HygieneView
SNMCC26Scientific Methods in ResearchView
SNMCC27Scientific Computing Using PythonView
SNMCC28Basics in Libre Office View
SNMCC29Advanced Polymer ScienceView
SNMCC30Commercial Plant Production TechniquesView
SNMCC31Research MethodologyView
SNMCC32Civil Liberties: Indian PerspectivesView
SNMCC33Soft Skill DevelopmentView
SNMCC34Statistical analysis using SPSSView
SNMCC35Certificate course on PrasangaparichayamView
SNMCC36Certificate course on SahityarachanaView
MOOC Course-Organic FarmingView