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Business Administration

The Programme (Bachelor of Business Administration), started in the year, 2013, is a career-enhancing experience that builds ones understanding of management. It is targeted for developing general management skills apart from functional competencies. It will equip students with the foundations of strategy, finance, marketing, operations and people management skills and the way these functions integrate for organisational success, helping in quicker decision-making and employing an integrated approach to managing ones business. Individual courses will give students the knowledge needed to work cross-functionally within the organization, become more skilled in the basics of business management, provides learning to the students on new approaches developed at world’s leading academic institutions and globally known companies that are needed to effectively manage businesses, teams, and individuals. The pedagogy will be highly interactive. It will leverage use of technology and will consist of, depending on the subject, a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes and assignments.

Today’s managers need applicable knowledge and skills to navigate their organizations through an ever-changing and dynamic global business environment irrespective of the workplace, viz., national or global. The understanding of global perspective has become imperative for successful business. The fast evolving business landscape has precipitated the need for developing a repertoire of management skills that are applicable across geographies. The globalization of businesses is demanding a wider set of skills from its managers. The Indian job market too in several industries is now putting a premium on ability of managers to handle global situations.

The Department, further, hosts a variety of talks, seminars and workshops which provides a forum for entrepreneurs, faculties, research scholars and management students to discuss, present, network and learn from peers, prospective customers, adopters, partners and investors.

Objectives of the Department

  • To facilitate the development of individuals into management professionals and entrepreneurs by enabling them to acquire the required technical, human and conceptual skills.
  • To provide consultancy and training to organizations to effectively realize their vision.
  • To significantly contribute to the advancement of management know-how by research, training and effective dissemination.
  • To train the future decision makers of society who would be able to strike the right balance between development needs and social justice.

Our vision is to develop competent and socially responsible business professionals empowered to excel in personal and professional life.

Our mission is to develop competent and socially responsible managers to perform in a dynamic business environment.