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Complaint Registration Facility on Caste Based Discrimination

SNM College Maliankara has been a Higher Education Institution functioning by strictly following the ideology of Sree Narayana Gurudevan and its worth remembering his quote “One Caste, One Religion, One God for Mankind”. College is proud to declare that we all are following the same principle in all kinds of practices in the college. Teachers, Non Teaching Staff, Management and students will be responsible to avoid any kind of caste based discrimination towards any student pursuing any UG or PG programme in SNM College Maliankara. SNM College has the great pride that due to our sincere concern being expressed on this matter, till this day none of the student in the college had to register any complaint about the caste based discrimination faced by he or she from any of the stakeholders of the college. However we are always ready to take necessary action on any event that may occur in future related to caste based discrimination.

College has constituted a committee to look into the complains of discrimination from the SC/ ST/ OBC students. Students can lodge their grievance pertaining to caste based discrimination to this committee by filling up the details through following Google Form