The Department of Zoology was established in 1981, introducing undergraduate courses in Zoology. From its very beginning, the department has been instrumental in guiding and shaping the careers of numerous students. Professor P. G. Sunanda served as the founding chair of the department, and throughout its history, we have been fortunate to have numerous highly qualified and dedicated educators who have played a significant role in advancing our mission. Throughout the years, our distinguished faculty members have diligently laid a robust foundation for the department, consistently delivering high-quality education and training in the field of Zoology.

The Department offers a comprehensive three-year B.Sc. program with Zoology as the major subject, Biochemistry and Botany as complementary subjects, and Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle Management as an elective course. Department extends its expertise to students of the Department of Botany as a complementary subject and Vocational Zoology as an interdisciplinary Open Course to the students of other departments of the College. Further, the Department also offers certificate courses in First Aid and Emergency Care, Health and Hygiene and Research Methodology.

The sanctioned intake of students for the undergraduate course is 32 for each batch. The department offers essential infrastructure, including classrooms with audio-visual facilities, computers with internet access, a well-equipped laboratory, an excellent Zoology Museum, charts, models, slides, and a departmental library. The Zoological Association of the department organizes various student-oriented activities to foster extracurricular skills development, such as quizzes, poster and speech competitions, and celebrations like World Environment Day, Ozone Day, Wetland Day, and more.

Within our esteemed department, three permanent faculties serve, among them; one assumes the pivotal role of a research guide. It has established Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with national and regional institutes, and laboratories to facilitate student training and internships. Students from the department consistently excel in university and competitive examinations and in cultural activities, with a significant proportion advancing to higher education each year. Many alumni from our department have not only excelled in academia but also risen to prominent positions in various administrative roles.


We envision a future where our department not only excels in providing cutting-edge education but also actively contributes to biodiversity conservation, scientific research, and community engagement, thereby leaving an enduring legacy of excellence in the field of Zoology.          


Our mission is to empower individuals with knowledge and skills that foster a deep appreciation for science, ethics, and respect in life. Through innovative and evidence-based practices, we aspire to cultivate responsible graduates committed to the betterment of society and the sustainable advancement of our world.