The traditional classroom is limited to few students, but through Massive Open Online Course a large number of students can be served. The aim of this cell is to encourage all the students and teachers to join any MOOC.

Smt. Manju N

Dr. Baiju E C
Dr. Reena T S
Dr. Ajeesh S
Dr. Rekha Parthasarathy
Dr. Lakshmi S Bose
Dr. Linu M N
Smt. Ragi Sekharan
Smt. Asha A
Sri. Vipin K D
Sri. Nikhil A B( SF)

  1. The MOOC Cell is coordinating all the activities of MG University’s MOOC Course on Organic Farming for all First year UG students from January 2021. The MOOC Coordinator Ms.Saipriya Sudarsan and all the First year UG Tutors were actively involved in all the activities of MGU MOOC. In the month of June, the Coordinator, the Mentors and all the students were enrolled in the Organic Farming MOOC page of MG University. Mentors started to guide the students to prepare the project report on ‘Jaiva poshaka thottam’.
  2. The MOOC Cell also took initiative to give awareness to both teachers and students about doing some small eye-hand exercises during their Online teaching and learning.
  3. The MOOC Cell also forwarded the brochures of various MOOC, Refresher courses, Induction course brochures for the students and teachers.



The MOOC Cell conducted an activity for all the departments and each department made a beautiful YouTube video by combining all the photos of their Organic Farming.

As part of the Massive Open Online Course on Organic Farming of MG University, around 700 first year students of our college planted 5 different varieties of vegetable saplings in their homes. This was an activity conducted by SNMC MOOC CELL. These are the videos prepared by each department as visual treat for our eyes on the Environment Day, June 5, 2021.

  1. Commerce Regular-
  2. Zoology-
  3. Botany-
  4. Malayalam-
  5. B.Com Tax SF-
  6. Statistics-
  7. English-
  8. B.Com CA1-
  9. Mathematics-
  10. B. com CA2-
  11. Chemistry-
  12. Physics-
  13. B. com OM SP-
  14. Economics-
  15. BBA-


As a part of MG University project, we are transforming students into eco-conscious farmers. With tailored instructions from dedicated tutors in each department, students are gaining practical knowledge about organic farming and homegrown organic fertilizer production. In connection with bhoomithtasena we are giving seminars and talks, featuring experts in sustainability, are broadening students’ horizons and motivating them to adopt eco-friendly practices. As a result, students are becoming advocates for responsible agriculture, leading to healthier diets, heightened environmental awareness, and reduced reliance on commercial produce. This initiative not only enriches academic learning but also cultivates a culture of sustainability, ensuring a greener and more self-reliant future.

Also encouraging teachers and students to do different online courses regarding their subjects and skill development courses through NPTEL. With the help of NPTEL we are given soft skill training program on interview readiness for free of cost around 50 second year students from various departments are participated in this training session. After mock – interview 39 students get certificates for the same.