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Workshops / Seminars / FDP

” Outcome Based Education through ERP system” 

The IQAC of S.N.M College has conducted an online Faculty Development Program in collaboration with EMBRASE Pro Suit on ” Outcome Based Education through ERP system” on 15th of July 2023 at 10.30 a.m. The session was focused on the mapping of Course outcomes with the program outcomes. There were 50 teaching faculties of various departments who participated in the program benefited from the interactive session.

SAHAJA’ 23 – A Forum for Annual Academic Strategic Planning 

Preparation of Annual Academic Strategic Plan for the institution and the department were finalised in the program SAHAJA’23 dated on 12/06/2023 at 1:00 pm on seminar hall of S.N.M College Maliankara. In order to make decisions about the future institutional goals, the strategic planning based on the theoretical framework of institutional policies were discussed by IQAC members and the planning board of the college. Future open education practices and key indicators were discussed and the program helped to develop in a systematic manner by using strategic visionary activities and planning processes.

All the faculties are thoroughly studied and analysed the action plans and programs need to be implemented in the academic year. The IQAC members planned the criteria-wise key indicators for the preparation of SSR and NAAC Revisit.

In the program, faculties of S.N.M College make proper planning on the subjects below 

·         Finalisation of Academic Calendar

·         Finalisation of Departmental Action Plan

·         Preparation of Developmental Goals

·         Fine Tuning of Systems Programs & Planning

·         Addressing policies, NAAC Revisit, Budgeting and Resource Mobilisation

·         Implementation of Advanced ERP System

Online Faculty Development Program on Virtual Labs

The IQAC of S.N.M College organised an online Faculty Development program on Virtual Labs in collaboration with Amrita Virtual Labs on 25th to 29th of May 2023. Virtual Lab at Amrita Intelligent development of virtual laboratories with state-of-the-art computer simulation technology to create real world environments and problem handling capabilities is required to bridge the gap between institutions that retain the physical laboratory and distantly placed economically challenged educational institutions. This Faculty Development program offers a fantastic opportunity for all faculty members of S.N.M College involved in the department of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology to learn more about Virtual Labs. The resource persons from Amrita Virtual Lab showcased different online laboratory experiments including training sessions by explaining different experiments using the Virtual Labs website.

International Conference

Multidisciplinary International Conference on “Green Economy Initiatives: Perspectives and Challenges” on 28th & 29th of March 2023

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The conference titled “GREEN ECONOMY INITATIVES: PERSPECTIVES & CHALLENGES” focuses on many key economic sectors because we see these sectors as driving the defining trends of the transition to a green economy, including increasing human well-being and social equity, and reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The conference provided a platform to propagate ideas on green economy and invited researchers, academicians and industry experts to share their experiences on current and emerging trends in the area of green economy to bring about a balance of theoretical and practical implementation.