The Self-Financing courses were started in 2002 in SNM College campus. In the year 2005 M Sc Zoology was started. M sc. Zoology course helps the students in acquiring a great insight into animal behaviour, the way they live, their needs, the environment of the animals, how they adapt to the changing environment, evolution, physiology and many more things.

Aims of the Department

  •  To ensure excellent standards that would secure leadership in tomorrow’s challenging world.
  • The department encourages them to start their own ventures in urban or rural areas.
  • To inculcate an awareness to explore, understand and conserve animal diversity.

Mission of the Department

We are dedicated to secure and deliver knowledge through teaching, research and extension and to seek continuous improvement in the quality of education to remain globally competitive.

The latest programme organized by the department was a seminar on ………………………………