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Research Policy and Ethics

Research policy

SNM College promotes research and scientific temper among students and faculty members and encourage them to familiarize with various methodological aspects


  • To inform researchers about the calls of various funding agencies for the submission of project proposals
  • Rendering various helps to find out suitable journals and to familiarize the students about paper writing skills encouraging and facilitating the publication of the research works in reputed academic journals
  • Identifying and establishing linkages and collaborations, including MOUs for long term relationships with national research organizations for widening the scope of research opportunities and funding options available to the students and faculty members.
  • Initiate students and staffs to participate in workshops/seminars/ symposia organized by our college as well as in other colleges and to enhance presentation skills
  • Identifying and informing suitable research opportunities to students and research scholars, notified by different academic, research, industrial and government/non-government organizations


  • In general, research ethics are guidelines for the responsible conduct of research and to ensure a high moral standard.
  • This includes honesty in data reporting, methodologies, publication.
  • Our research community follow objectivity, integrity, openness, responsible publication, social responsibility, non-discrimination, professional competence, professional discipline, privacy and confidentiality etc.
  • The college is keeping its standards to prevent plagiarism, fabrication, duplication and salami publications.
  • SNM college stands for keeping ethical standards on par with any other higher education institutes in India.