Politics as a complementary paper for BA Economics program has been taught in SNM College Maliankara from 1974 onwards.  This course was started with the objective of creating real awareness about political science among children.  Now politics is taught in 3rd and 4th semesters based on the semester system.


Provide value based education to the young minds to become responsible citizens of the dynamic society.


Political science is a discipline, which applies theories, concepts, and methods to the study of political phenomena. It also uses historical and philosophical perspectives to understand political problems and policy issues. People around the world debate, give speeches, write letters and blogs, vote, and care passionately about politics. The academic discipline of political science also reflects this excitement. Even though political scientists cannot make law-like statements as the physical scientists make, they do strive to develop probabilistic or conditional statements of cause and effect and to develop a systematic understanding about political system. The principal aims and objectives of the programme are:

  • To identify key questions, fundamental concepts, and theoretical frameworks critical to an understanding of the political theory
  • To analyze the fundamental concepts, characteristics, and theories central to comparative politics and international politics
  • To solve complex problems by demonstrating a mastery of substantive knowledge in the discipline’s main subfields
  • To follow scientific and humanistic methods to design and carry out politically-oriented research projects by utilizing sufficiently advanced social research methods
  • To communicate effectively political knowledge to general audiences as well as colleagues in the field.