Welcome to the official profile page of the Department of Mathematics at SNM College Maliankara. Since its establishment in 1964, our department has been a pillar of academic excellence, nurturing aspiring mathematicians and fostering a love for the subject among students. Over the years, we have expanded our programs and upheld a strong commitment to providing quality education in mathematics.

To be a leading center for mathematics education, research, and innovation, empowering students to become skilled problem solvers and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in mathematics.

Our mission is to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment where students can explore the beauty of mathematics, develop analytical skills, and cultivate a passion for lifelong learning. We aim to foster a culture of curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in our students, preparing them for successful careers and contributions to society.

Our department takes pride in its dedicated team of five permanent faculty members. They are highly qualified and experienced educators with expertise spanning various branches of mathematics. Our faculty is committed to creating an engaging learning experience for students and guiding them on their academic journey.

To know more about our faculty members, visit our Faculty Page.

Academic Offerings
BSc Mathematics
Our undergraduate program, BSc Mathematics, provides students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematics. The curriculum is designed to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills while covering core concepts in algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics.

MSc Mathematics
The postgraduate program, MSc Mathematics, allows students to delve deeper into various branches of mathematics and pursue advanced studies. The program offers specialized courses that prepare students for research and careers in academia, industry, and other sectors.

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