Our Humble Beginning

There is a deep conviction in all those who associated with this institution that, ours is an adobe of Sree Narayana Guru one of the greatest revolutionaries Kerala has ever seen. This belief inspire all in their march ahead.  Guru’s dream mission of “Emancipation Through Education” is converted into a maximum and is accepted as our mission too. Upholding  the great Guru’s message, our institution since its inception in 1964, strive to be a source of enlightenment for all- irrespective of status, age or gender. But since the aim was the upliftment of the poor and the backward of the underdeveloped coastal belt, the focus was on the holistic regeneration of the surrounding population.  The progress has been slow but steady and we have enthusiastically joined the race track recently.

We began the task of transforming lives in 1964, with the inauguration of our institution by  Sri. Sahodaran Ayyappan, an ardent disciple of Sri Narayana Guru. Like the master, the disciple too was a leading public figure who championed the cause of social liberty.  It was in a cluster of makeshift thatched shed near Moothakunnam Temple that formal higher education began.  The foundation for a college building was laid in Maliankara and in 1965 the temporary arrangements in Moothakunnam were discarded. This decision to shift campus venue from Moothakunnam to Maliankara Proved to be positive and pivotal.  The subsequent years witnessed massive expansion programmes that provide infrastructure for existing streams. Our college now is in a sprawling green that has offered Degree Courses from 1972 and Postgraduate Courses from 1983. Today there are 13 Degree Courses and 8 Postgraduate Courses with a total student strength of 2068. From 2011 onwards 2 Research Centres function for the students who pursue doctoral course in Botany and Chemistry. Re accredited by NAAC in 2024 with “ A  grade and CGPA of 3.08, we constantly strive against all odds to excel and establish ourselves in the higher education sector.

The saga of this visible and tangible programme has been one of the determination and toil while moulding the younger generation into empathetic and responsible citizen, the academic community also intends to create skilled candidates who can be employed in various sectors.  The commendable service rendered by the staff of our institution has transformed individuals as well as collective lives. The Hindu Matha Darma Paripalana Sabha of Moothakunnam founded educational institutions in the locality with a purpose and vision.

The vision of HMDP Sabha, (as it is popularly known) a voluntary organisation formed in 1882 by the spirited youth of backward Ezhava community, has come true through our institution. Liberation from social bondage, Social justice, literacy, equality, development and progress are a reality today. Blessed and guided by the principles and messages of great Guru, we continue our success journey.