Statistics has been taught as a complementary subject for B. Sc. Mathematics / B. Sc. Physics programmes and as a core paper for B.A. Economics programme in S.N.M College by Department of Mathematics & Statistics right from 1978.

Department of Statistics became an independent department in the year 2020 with the advent of the course “Integrated M.Sc. Programme in Basic Sciences – Statistics”. Currently it has two permanent faculty and 5 faculty on contract (including 1 Computer Science faculty).

Integrated M.Sc. Programme in Basic Sciences- Statistics was introduced in the year 2020. It is a 5 year course ( 3 years UG+ 2 years PG) in pure Statistics. Sanctioned strength of the course is 15.  This course has exit option after third year and lateral entry option in the fourth year.  On completion of the course, students will be able to handle the real-life problems using suitable statistical tools. They will develop software skills in R & Python and will be able to work in any industry which deals with data.  Students on completion of the course have higher job opportunities in central and state governments like Indian Statistical Service, Research officer, Statistical assistant etc. They have opportunities to work as Research officer in reserve bank, Statistical analyst, Statistician etc. in private and public sectors. Interested students may choose research and teaching career options also.

The Department aims at providing a better learning experience of Statistics and imparting moral values to students. The focus is on providing quality education along with catering to the overall development of students through seminars, competitions, career orientation programs, software skills training programs and remedial coaching for slow learners.

The latest program organized by the department was a workshop on “Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis using R” on 19/02/2024.


Our vision is to develop competent statisticians who have a strong foundation in Statistical theory and methodology, and the ability to apply statistical principles to real world problems


Our mission is to impart high quality education and training in Statistics to students and thus equipping them with a thorough knowledge in statistical theory, methodologies and data analysis techniques.

Courses Offered