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Journal of Current Studies

ISSN: 2277-2707

Journal of Current Studies, (JCS) is a double-blinded referred and peer-viewed academic research journal in all the streams. Advancement in science and technology has improved the physical quality of human life and has come to dominate every sphere of human activity. “Journal of Current Studies” provides a solid forum to developments in science and humanities and literature, and its impact on modern society. The journal analyses the implications of science polices, evaluates the environmental issues involved in the application of technology without human face and suggest alternatives. It also provides opportunity for academics to interact and evolve sustainable strategies for a better society.

The objective of this journal is to provide a venue for academic research scholars, post graduate students in universities/colleges and other centers of research to publish current and significant research as well as other publication activities.

Aims and Scope

As a leader in open research, JCS publishes recent trends in all disciplines. We offer a platform for all sound research and a stage for some of the most significant discoveries of our generation across the whole spectrum of research fields in our large collection of periodicals.


Volume 01, May 2023

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email: snmcseminar@gmail.com 

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