The history of the Department of English is entwined with the history of SNM College, Maliankara. The department of English began in the year 1964, the year of the inception of the college, is one of the oldest departments of the college. The Department of English offers Undergraduate Courses in English and B A English Language and Literature (Model II Teaching).While English as a common course was offered from 1964, the U G Programme with English main was started in 2001. We loftily preserve the established as well as coeval norms and strengths. We are capable of embracing the challenges and developments at this cutting edge. We are determined to focus on infusing a sense of social responsibility and providing a vibrant space for all our learners. The department strives to nurture excellence that marks a watershed in the history. The English department is also committed to provide advanced English skills to all the students, thereby practically making itself a home for almost the entire fraternity. We are embedded in offering accessible, holistic, and dynamic education for all. We ourselves are elated to burgeon with our faculty in our teaching arena. Our students have already proved their potential through university ranks from 2020 onwards. Besides, some of them have returned to the fold as UGC-NET holders to enrich our department. As we progress, we realize and assert from experience that our students themselves are our assets and will continue to be so.

The department acts as a hub for academic excellence through teaching and fosters literary sensibilities,language competence, and critical thinking.We relentlessly encourage our wards to participate in the social platform effectively.

The overall mission of the English department is to provide learners with the best quality in teaching and learning and to ensure that the learners reach the target with the spirit of competence. We promote the study of the English language and literature by developing the four language skills, literary perspectives along with innovative pedagogy and character building as a whole.