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Sree Narayana Study and Research Centre

Sree Narayana Study and Research Centre (SNSRC)

Sree Narayana Study and Research Centre an organisation working at SNM College, Maliankara, was started in 1996 with the objective of all-round growth of the students. Value-based seminars, various competitions and certificate courses have been conducted for the students from the year 2013 onwards. The objective of the certificate course is to spread the vision, life, and works of Narayana Guru to the students and society and thereby enabling social upliftment. It was started with broader view of benefits for the society by realizing the contemporary relevance of Narayana Gurudarshan. The organisation stands for the purpose of bringing about social upliftment through students by including the common man in the field of knowledge. The Guru Mandapam, which became the face of SNM College, was established as a result of the hard work of Dr. Geetha Lakshmi, a prominent writer and a teacher in the Department of Malayalam, along with other members of the department.